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The Rock Practices What He Preaches

This guy has always conducted himself in this manner. Near the end of my wrestling career and I am in the WWF. The last few months before I retired and I am traveling with The Rock and DLo Brown. I am the vet of the group and at that time more of an a established star than those two(that would certainly change). We were working in Oklahoma City and running late in getting to the show. Rock is driving and DLo is in passenger seat and I’m in the back seat. They would never let me drive because that was their way If showing respect to me because I had been in the business the longest. Rock hits a curb and the tire blows out. We pull over and start pulling our luggage out of the trunk so we can get spare tire and jack. Rock turns to me and said Del you just go sit under that shade tree while DLo and I change the tire. You are the vet here and you have spent many more years on the road than we have, and it’s my job to do this not yours. Dude practices what he preaches…

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Only ONE Real Patriot

They can put on his MASK, they can wear his boots, and trunks, but I have yet to see the FAKE Patriots wear his SCARS!! -Cathy Collins Wilkes

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New Updates

Check out my website for new updates and new store items.

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Website Updates

New Pics & Video added to the site, along with get stuff in the store.

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Clearing The Air

With my first Blog I wanted to clear the air about something. Last year I was approached by a law firm that represents many retired Pro Wrestlers in a law suit against Vince McMahon and the WWE. At the time I was approached about joining this suit against Vince and the WWE it sounded like the right thing to do,and here is why. Like most others that were fortunate enough to have a career as a pro wrestler, it started as a dream. A dream that one day i could be part of a business and form of entertainment that captured my attention as a kid. Wrestling found it’s way into my home(tv) every Saturday,and my home town (live shows) several times a year. I bought every magazine my $2 a week allowance would afford me.As my friend Abdullah the Butcher would say, “they hooked me champ,they hooked me”.

What I did not see as a kid watching wrestling on television is what the years of matches, bumps, and travel can do to a body. While there is a glamorous side to life as a pro wrestler,the fact is, it is a tough ,hard business that can leave bodies damaged and or destroyed at the end of a career. I should know, I am living proof of this,as my career ended because of a severe injury. Now fifteen surgeries later, I live daily with the fruits of those surgeries and injuries. Constant pain, sleepless nights, the struggles to stand up, sit down, and walk are all a part of my life, and will always be. I see the same things in so many of the men and women that I had the privilege of working with. It is also common knowledge of the devastating effects of prescription medication so many had to deal with while trying to continue to work through various injuries. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to be alive to deal with issues of a beat up and worn out body. So many others lost their lives, and most of those were too young and gone way too soon. When approached about joining the lawsuit, my thoughts at the time were that someone needed to be held accountable for the tragic conditions so many now have to live in after a career of giving all they had for a business they loved so much. After the verdict against the NFL in regards to former players, I thought the same should be done for the wrestlers,so i joined the lawsuit. At the time, i felt like i was making the right decision for me and my family. After many months of thought, conversations with my wife Cathy, and much prayer, I have decided to remove my name from the lawsuit. The only person that this lawsuit is going after is Vince McMahon. The only company that can be held accountable is the WWE. Of all the injuries that I suffered in my career, not a one happened in a WWF/WWE ring. While it is true my career ended while I was working for Vince and the WWF, I was damaged goods when I got there. I was working on borrowed time. My battle with prescription pain meds had started years before while working in AJPW. I obtained the prescriptions and took the meds just so I could continue to work in an occupation I loved. It did not start in hopes of becoming addicted, but in hopes of being able to continue to work and provide for my family. This is my decision and mine alone. I have not spoken to anyone in the WWE for years, so this comes with no pressure from anyone. To those that are a part of this lawsuit, and are considering joining,do what you feel you need to do. We all have to make decisions based on what is best for our families. For me and my family we have determined it is best for us to not be a part of this lawsuit. I can’t hold a man or a company responsible or liable for things that happened while working for another company.


Del “The Patriot” Wilkes

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon The Patriot Missile Blog From The Man Himself Del “The Patriot” Wilkes!!!!!

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